“How can we be sure Aslan’s is right for the job? Can we trust this company with the keys to our office?” our prospective client wondered

Thoughtful, probing questions are a mark of successful decision makers. We know that deciding who will provide your custodial service is important, so we welcome careful inspection. Remember what we said at the beginning of our Origins Page? Something about starting out 35 years ago with a simple idea… All those years have been spent earning the trust and respect of our significant customers, our partners.Here are some of the reasons why companies choose Aslan’s:

First, and foremost, we are customer oriented.
Customer service is the center of our attention. Forming close, dynamic partnerships with our customers allows us to anticipate and meet their needs. Second, we understand how central our team members are to our success. They are not just a resource—they represent our resourcefulness. These two powerful engines are at the
core of our operation and drive our business commitment and success.

Our comprehensive, full-service program allows companies to consolidate their custodial needs with one contractor. That simplifies your life. We use a systematic approach to cleaning that allows us to tailor all work to meet the individual requirements of any facility. Extensive understanding of and experience with team cleaning, zone cleaning, task-designated cleaning, and cooperative cleaning allows us maximum flexibility when organizing custodial work. That saves money. We have a broad range of experience with facilities encompassing executive, institutional, manufacturing, bio-technical, industrial, and clinical spaces among others, and while large building maintenance is our recognized forte, we can design the best cleaning program for any facility, and still focus on budget.Aslan’s management team has hands-on experience
and utilizes an unbeatable, custom Quality Assurance Program that ensures success. We are committed to environmental sustainability—you can read about
that here.

And yes, we are very thoroughly insured and
we have many enthusiastic references.

We manage clean.